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Vertical bifacial solar system

Low Profile with High Output Solar for Green Roofs.

Specially designed for green roofs in areas where there are strict height limitations to the buildings or where there are limitations to the visual appearance on the roof structure. It’s compact design with a low profile does not limit your access to the green roof for inspection or maintenance.

User Benefits
  • Highly esthetic and uniform PV solution, suitable for architect’s integration of solar installations on flat roofs.

  • No conflict between plants and solar panels

  • Full access to maintaining your green roof while generating electricity from your solar energy system.

  • No need for intrusive fasteners or heavy ballast when installing, no need to strengthen the roof construction and less risk for leaks and wear.

  • Reduce the time consumption for planning, installation and commissioning your solar energy system with up to 90%.

  • Electricity production that fits your need more than traditional PV installations.

  • More energy generated in the morning and evening when electricity prices are higher than mid-day.

  • Higher relative kWh yield when sun is low through the winter under snow conditions.

  • Use your full roof area potential to generate solar electricity. Included when combining green roof, people and solar.

Product Name
xM-2 QUATTRO-200S Green Roof
Trygve Mongstad

Trygve Mongstad

Founder and CEO

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