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Flat roof solar system northern europe

Vertical solar panels for flat rooftops – a lightweight solution with better lifetime value

Flat roof PV system
- Bjørn Simonsen, Renewable Energy Industry Leader and Early-Stage Investor

​"Truly one of the most promising innovations within roof-top solar power!"

There are limitations to where the conventional approach to a solar energy system is suitable, due to the need for heavy ballast or intrusive fasteners. The low weight; 11 kg/m2, and no need for intrusive fasteners or heavy ballast makes more roofs accessible using the Over Easy units.

In addition, they give you full access to inspect, maintain and, if needed, repair the integrity of your roof.

Flat roof solar and Over easy solar
Our Solutions

Now you can get peak energy production when it’s needed and most valuable!

The unique energy production profile with two peak production cycles a day, more productive hours, and unmatched performance during winter conditions makes the Over Easy solution stand out compared to conventional solar energy systems!

Trygve Mongstad

Trygve Mongstad

Founder and CEO

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