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Over Easy Solar AS is a Norwegian company who develops, manufactures and supplies pre-assembled PV-Units for easy solar installations on green and flat roofs.

The Over Easy VPV-Unit solves the key challenges for green and flat roofs in a new and previously unseen way. The technology is patent pending, and all the principles and benefits are being demonstrated in a prototype and pilot installations through Europe.
At Over Easy:

We deliver maintenance free and easy to install solar energy units for green and flat roofs.

We are a small, dedicated team with extensive experience from all aspects of solar solutions, ranging from fundamental research to large scale installations on industrial rooftops. The core team consists of experts in PV-technology, Product development, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Business Planning, Sales and Installation.
About Over Easy

Our mission

Enabling solar energy and biodiversity on flat roofs.

PV system and biodiversity

The values we live by as a company is responsibility, innovation, inclusion and simplicity.

Our Story

Over Easy Solar embarked on an impactful journey as a solar startup. Throughout the year, we achieved significant milestones, receiving crucial grants, submitting two patent applications, and proudly showcasing our prototype at prestigious institutes. Our unwavering dedication to innovation and sustainability solidified our position as pioneers in the renewable energy industry.


Over Easy Solar proudly showcased its solar innovations with ten real-world pilot installations at locations in Norway and three other European countries. Recognized as Solar Startup of the Year by SolarPower Europe in March 2022, our presence at Intersolar Munich in June also marked a bright beginning. Over the year, we expanded our team to seven members and connected with important partners both for manufacturing, sales and distribution.


Over Easy Solar started the manufacturing of the product and went through necessary certifications and tests, importantly, the wind tunnel certification that confirmed our system to be ballastfree under most relevant conditions. Several new pilots came up in the first half year, and our first full-scale installation of 45 kWp on a green roof in Oslo came up in June. Later in the year, we delivered to a 102 kWp installation in Oslo and several smaller projects in Norway and other EU countries.


Over Easy solar team
CEO Over Easy Trygve Mongstad

Founder and CEO

Trygve Mongstad

With close to 15 years in the solar sector. Experience ranging from a PhD in materials for solar cells, Energy Advisor for commercial and public buildings and Project Manager for large scale solar installations on commercial buildings.
Over Easy CCO Tommy Engvik

Co-Founder and CCO

Tommy Engvik

More than 25 years of experience in management positions in operations, sales and marketing from various industries. Solar experience in product development, manufacturing, operations, and sales at Bright Products.
Over Easy PV Engineer Fabian Scroffenegger


Fabian Schroffenegger

MSc in Environmental, Process and Energy Engineering with experience as R&D and process engineer in various fields. Insights into several PV projects in Austria resulting in comprehensive knowledge on planning and installation.
Over Easy R&D Sean Erik Foss

Head of R&D

Sean Erik Foss

Passionate technology optimist with 18 years of experience within solar energy and material technology from the institute sector supporting industry with innovation. PhD in materials science and silicon technology. 12 years heading the solar energy department at Institute for Energy Technology, IFE.


Kristine Hovland

MSc in Economics & Business Administration, and Master in Business Engineering. Background from finance and treasury within the energy and renewables industry. Worked in both listed and unlisted companies, and was part of the core team successfully listing FREYR Battery on the New York Stock Exchange through a de-SPAC transaction.
Over Easy CPO Aria Yadmelat

Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer

Aria Yadmelat

MSc in Industrial Engineering with experience from car industry, project engineer/manager for large scale solar installations. Background from process optimization, structural design and analysis, quality control and work breakdown structures.
Over Easy Gunnar Havnås Product designer

Product Designer

Gunnar Havnås

Background from industrial design and CAD and having in-depth knowledge of materials and manufacturing. Applying a LEAN and hands-on approach to mechanical design.

Junior PV Engineer

Lina Mathea Gunvaldsen

Engineer in Renewable Energy from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, with experience from one of the larger PV Installers in Norway. 

Business Developer

Klaus Pichler

BSc in Economics from the University of Innsbruck and nearly three years of sales and business development experience at Tesla in Austria. Klaus has a proven track record of delivering strong sales results and creating value for customers as B2B Account Manager.
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The Over Easy Team

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