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First Biosolar Installation in Denmark with Over Easy Solar

Over Easy Solar is proud to announce it's first biosolar roof installation in Denmark. This pioneering project, located at the Mølleåværket treatment plant, about 10 km north of the city center of Copenhagen, combines vertical solar panels with a green sedum roof, a concept being introduced for the first time in Denmark.

Installation of vertical solar panels on green roof in Denmark

In collaboration with Lyngby-Taarbæk Utility and Nature Impact, Over Easy Solar's project is not just an installation; it's a new reference in the Danish market and an exploration of the local climate's impact on their technology.

"We're thrilled to be part of this project, merging cutting-edge solar technology with eco-friendly building elements. Together with Nature Impact and Over Easy Solar, we're striving to develop a model for green energy production that can be replicated and implemented globally,"

says Rikke Dyre Jespersen, the project leader from Lyngby-Taarbæk Utility, in an interview with

The installation features 44 solar units of 200 Wp capacity, and is expected to generate about 8,600 kWh per year. The innovative design allows for the coexistence of solar energy generation and water retention, demonstrating Over Easy Solar's commitment to easy-to-implement sustainable solar solutions.

Expressing gratitude to their pioneering Danish customers, Over Easy Solar emphasizes the significance of this venture. PV-Engineer Fabian Schroffenegger from Over Easy Solar comments on the project's potential:

"We need more data to create more accurate simulations for the solar panels' output under different conditions. Hence, we're very excited to see how the system performs. Our expectations for the project are high, and the 8,600 kWh estimate is quite conservative."

Read more: Full article in (in Danish).


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