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Vertical Green Roof Solar Project in Switzerland

Together with the Swiss company PlanPRO, a VPV installation was mounted in Beinwil am See, Switzerland, in January 2024. This project demonstrates how we are addressing the challenges of weight and complexity often associated with solar installations on green and flat rooftops.

Streamlined Biosolar Installations with Reduced Ballast Requirements

The essence of Over Easy Solar's approach lies in its ability to minimize the reliance on heavy ballasting, a common obstacle in traditional solar projects. By deploying vertical solar panels, the company has ingeniously negated wind lift and uniformly distributed transversal and horizontal forces throughout the installation. This method not only simplifies the installation process but also broadens the scope for solar energy applications on structures previously considered unsuitable due to weight constraints.

"Our vertical solar panels effectively negate wind lift and, by integrating the installation as a cohesive structure, it evenly distributes transversal and horizontal forces across the installation,"

said Trygve Mongstad, CEO and Founder of Over Easy Solar. This technical insight emphasizes the practical and efficient nature of Over Easy Solar's system, reflecting the company's commitment to advancing solar technology.

A worker mounting the vertical bifacial solar panels on a green roof in Switzerland

A Testimonial to Simplicity: Vertical Solar Panels for Green Roofs

The project in Beinwil am See stands as a testament to the system's user-friendly design and effectiveness. PlanPro, a local company, executed the installation of a 10 kWp system atop an existing sedum rooftop with remarkable efficiency. The process showcased not only the ease of retrofitting the system on a green roof but also the satisfaction of the stakeholders involved.

“We were impressed at how easy and fast this product can be retrofitted on an existing green rooftop,”

remarked Sven Meuschke, Project Manager at PlanPRO in Switzerland. This statement encapsulates the project's success and Over Easy Solar's ability to deliver solutions that meet the practical demands of installation professionals and end-users alike.

Vertical bifacial solar panels on a sedum roof in Switzerland


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