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NEWS: Over Easy Solar launches research website

Over Easy Solar Launches Research Website to Accelerate the Energy Transition

Oslo, 24 August 2023 – Over Easy Solar, a pioneering startup at the forefront of solar technology advancement, is thrilled to introduce its new website dedicated to the exploration of vertical bifacial solar installations. The website, accessible at, serves as a platform to share research findings, insights, and projects aimed at driving the energy transition through innovative solar solutions.

As a company committed to the development of groundbreaking technologies and pioneering research, Over Easy Solar recognizes the significance of efficient knowledge dissemination.

The newly launched website offers a wealth of information, including:

🔆 Energy Yield from Vertical Bifacial Solar Panels: Delve into the enhanced energy capture potential of vertical bifacial solar panels and their impact on energy generation.

💨 Wind Loads for Vertical Solar Panels: Gain insights into the aerodynamic performance of vertical solar installations, ensuring structural stability and reliability.

🌱 Quality and Sustainability: Explore the commitment of Over Easy Solar to delivering top-tier quality and sustainability in every facet of their vertical solar solutions.

🏞️ Green Roofs with Vertical Bifacial Solar Panels: Discover the seamless integration of vertical solar panels with green roof systems, exemplifying the company's dedication to harmonious urban landscapes.

Over Easy Solar's CEO, Dr. Trygve Mongstad, emphasized the significance of this initiative:

"With the launch of, we are taking a stride towards democratizing knowledge in the renewable energy sector. By sharing our research outcomes and experiences, we aim to empower industry professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts to contribute to the global energy transition."

Visitors to the website are encouraged to actively engage with Over Easy Solar and reaching out with thoughts and questions.

For more information and to explore vertical bifacial solar installations, visit


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