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PRESS RELEASE: Groundbreaking Ballast-Free Vertical Bifacial PV System for Flat Rooftop Mounting

For immediate release Innovative Solution Approved by Leading Wind Certification Institute and Complies with European Regulations

OSLO, 29 May 2023 – Over Easy Solar, a Norwegian startup developing solutions for flat and green rooftop solar, is proud to announce the wind certification and approval of their revolutionary ballast-free vertical bifacial PV system for flat rooftops. This cutting-edge solution has been extensively tested and approved for rooftop mounting according to European regulations, providing a game-changing alternative for energy engineers and installers.

The news was made public in an article in PV Magazine Global today.

Through an in-depth study conducted at I.F.I. Institut für Industrieaerodynamik GmbH in Aachen, Germany, the Over Easy Solar system has proven its reliability and efficiency, enabling secure installation on almost all flat roof buildings without the need for fastening or additional ballast. This innovative approach relies on friction to hold the panels in place, streamlining installation processes and minimizing costs.

Key Features of Over Easy Solar’s Ballast-Free Vertical Bifacial PV System:

  1. Prefabricated unit: Over Easy Solar has developed a prefabricated unit featuring low-building vertical bifacial solar panels, specially designed for flat rooftop installations.

  2. Dimensions: The solar panels measure 22 cm in height, and with the integrated support structure, they stand at 27-34 cm above the rooftop.

  3. High bifaciality: Manufactured with Heterojunction (HJT) cells, the panels boast a remarkable bifaciality of over 95%, ensuring exceptional energy capture from both sides.

  4. Superior performance: Over Easy Solar’s pilot projects have demonstrated that vertical solar panels can achieve up to 20-30% higher specific yield than traditional flat roof solutions, maximizing energy generation.

  5. Lightweight: With a weight of 11 kg/m2 on the rooftop without the need for ballast, the units offer a lightweight and streamlined installation process.

  6. Versatile application: The system is compatible with all flat roofs and delivers optimal performance when combined with a green roof or high-albedo roofing membrane.

  7. Enhanced Energy Yield: The system generates the highest energy yield during morning, evening, and winter periods, enabling increased self-consumption and improved price recovery in variable-price markets.

Dr. Trygve Mongstad, Founder and CEO of Over Easy Solar, expressed his enthusiasm about the groundbreaking product, stating:

“With this unique product, we see that we solve many of the challenges for installers. The simplicity and ease of installation of a ballast-free and prefabricated setup will greatly accelerate flat-roof solar installations.”

The wind tunnel tests, conducted on a 1:50 model equipped with 360 pressure taps at the esteemed I.F.I. Aachen wind laboratory, yielded remarkable results. Daniel Markus, representative of I.F.I. Institut für Industrieaerodynamik GmbH, remarked:

“The aerodynamic performance of Over Easy’s system in our wind tunnel experiments was above our expectations, and the analysis indeed shows that these systems can be ballast-free for many typical flat-roof buildings, depending on the local wind conditions.”

Furthermore, CFD simulations performed by Fraunhofer ISE demonstrated that the Over Easy Solar system exhibited negligible lift, even at wind speeds of up to 47 m/s. Lena Emmer, representative of Fraunhofer ISE, highlighted the findings, stating:

“Our CFD simulations show negligible lift on the system, and the wind forces are mainly on the first panel of a row, while the other panels may have wind forces even acting against the main direction of the wind.”

Over Easy Solar, a recipient of the prestigious SolarPower Europe Startup Award 2022 and the national Solar Award in Norway 2023, continues to revolutionize the solar industry with their groundbreaking technologies.

For further information and media inquiries, please contact:

Trygve Mongstad CEO, Over Easy Solar Email: Phone: +47 99228200


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