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PRESS RELEASE: First Full-Scale Vertical Biosolar Rooftop Installed in Oslo

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Oslo, June 26, 2023 – Over Easy Solar, a Norwegian solar startup, proudly announces the official opening of its first full-scale vertical biosolar rooftop installation on a rooftop in Oslo. This groundbreaking project, featuring the innovative VPV (Vertical Photovoltaic) unit, marks a significant milestone in the commercialization of vertical solar panels for green rooftops.

Following a successful pilot project on the same roof in 2022, Over Easy Solar has made progress in product development and manufacturing, enabling the efficient installation and a tenfold increase in the size of the installation. Leveraging the unique advantages of the prefabricated vertical PV system, the entire mechanical installation was seamlessly completed within a single day, without the need for ballast or fastening.

The collaboration and support from key stakeholders have been crucial to the realization of this extraordinary achievement. Over Easy Solar extends gratitude to Oslobygg KF and SMART Oslo for their commitment and support including pilot financing from SMART Oslo. Additionally, Over Easy Solar would like to thank Solenergi FUSen for their exceptional project management, which ensured the flawless execution of the installation.

The VPV unit's integration of vertical solar panels and green rooftops represents a pioneering approach to harnessing renewable energy and promoting sustainable living. The full-scale installation has a peak power of 45kWp and should generate up to 50 000 kWh per year, calculating based on measurements from the pilot installation from last year. The installation is ballast-free and covers a total area of about 600 square meters.

"We are thrilled to unveil this groundbreaking vertical biosolar rooftop installation"

says Trygve Mongstad, CEO of Over Easy Solar.

"This project represents a significant step forward in our mission to enable a greener, more sustainable future for urban rooftops. Our customers acknowledge that the benefits of our vertical solution for biosolar green rooftops are unmatched by any other product, and we look forward to delivering solar energy solutions to new and existing buildings in the coming years."

To learn more about Over Easy Solar and its product, please visit our website and contact Trygve Mongstad or Tommy Engvik (Contact information below).

About Over Easy Solar

Over Easy Solar is a Oslo-based startup founded in 2021, dedicated to revolutionizing the integration of solar energy into the built environment. Through its innovative VPV unit, the company combines vertical solar panels and green rooftops to maximize energy generation and environmental benefits. Over Easy Solar is committed to driving the adoption of renewable energy sources, reducing carbon emissions, and creating a sustainable future for generations to come.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Trygve Mongstad Over Easy Solar +47 99228200

For customer or product inquiries, please contact:

Tommy Engvik Over Easy Solar +47 900 44 266



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