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Our Landmark Installation in Austria: Pioneering Vertical Solar Panels on Green Roofs

We at Over Easy Solar are proud to announce the successful installation of our vertical bifacial solar panels in Austria, marking a significant milestone for our company. This project took place on the green roof of "Amann die Dachmarke" in Vorarlberg, a prominent Austrian roofing company renowned for its expertise in a variety of roofing products and innovative green roofing solutions. 


Solar Green roof installation by Norwegian Company Over Easy Solar in Austria

Amann die Dachmarke, led by CEO Marius Amann, has been an exceptional partner in this venture. With their extensive knowledge and commitment to green roofing, they provided the perfect platform for showcasing our technology. This installation, with a capacity of nearly 7 kWp, is projected to generate around 7,000 kWh of clean energy annually. 

As Marius Amann expressed, “We are happy to showcase this innovative product on our green roof and educate people on the symbiosis of green roofs and solar.” This collaboration not only highlights the innovation in green energy solutions but also serves as an educational tool, demonstrating the mutual benefits of integrating solar panels with green roofs. 

Our vertical bifacial solar panels provide partial shading to the green roof, which can lower temperatures by up to 10 degrees compared to non-shaded areas. In return, the green roof offers a cooling effect, helping the solar panels maintain their optimal operating temperatures even on hot days. This symbiotic relationship enhances the efficiency and longevity of both systems. 

The feedback from the installer company has been incredibly positive. They noted, “The installation was self-explanatory, we didn't even need the installation manual to install it. It was also very quick and comfortable to work with.” Such comments reinforce our commitment to delivering user-friendly solar solutions that are not only effective but also easy to implement. 

According to the Austrian Green Market Report, every tenth roof in Austria is built as a green roof, highlighting the immense potential for combining green roofs with solar panels to produce sustainable energy. As we expand our presence in Austria, we look forward to contributing significantly to the country's green energy landscape. 

Our installation in Vorarlberg represents a significant step towards a greener future. We are excited to continue demonstrating how innovative technology and ecological roofing solutions can work together to create a sustainable energy ecosystem. 


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