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102 kWp vertical solar installation on sedum roof in Oslo

We're proud to announce the successful completion of our largest solar installation to date - a state-of-the-art 102 kWp solar array on a green roof in Vollebekk, Oslo. This project isn't just a milestone for us; it's a prototype for cities and corporations globally who are starting to take the initiative to greenify their cities, both with green roofs and green energy! 

Vertical bifacial solar panels on sedum rooftop

Our innovative vertical solar panels now stand on a 1700 m² rooftop in combination with sedum plants. This installation was completed in late 2023 and is expected to generate about 90,000 kWh per year. The Over Easy system is complemented by a PV facade and a convential PV system, optimizing the energy yield of the building.  

Thanks to our partners Solenergi FUSen, Insenti, and Aspelin Ramm, together this system could be tailored to the roof and the energy consumption of the building. Cooperation like this is integral to creating a future of innovative and sustainable urban architecture, where all measures to increase sustainability are considered. 

Person inspecting a solar rooftop with vertical solar panels


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