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Energy yield from vertically mounted bifacial solar panels

More energy in the morning and in the evening with VPV With vertical solar panels you can get two energy production peaks each day rather than one with east-west mounted VPV units from Over Easy!

Mounted so the sunlight hits the panels on the east side in the morning and on the west side in the afternoon, you get one peak for the morning coffee and one for the evening activities. The figures displayed above show the energy production profile during a sunny summer day from one of our installations outside Oslo in Norway. As you can see, the energy production profile gives high yields in the morning and evening, and a total yield of 27% more energy during the day for east-west orientation. The energy also comes at a valuable time to stabilize the local electricity grid. The south-north installation has a bit lower yield than the conventional panels, but as can be seen in the following, this is more than compensated for by higher yields during the winter months.


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