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VPV (vertical PV) in winter conditions, Oslo Norway

Many of our customers ask how vertical solar panels work in winter. For the past two weeks we have had beautiful winter weather in Oslo, which shows beautifully how this works.

From the data shared in the chart here, we can make some interesting observations:

December 1-5: Cloudy winter weather. Under these conditions, vertical solar installations give almost the same yield as a conventional installation on a flat roof with a 10-degree pitch.

December 6-12: Sunny days with little or no snow cover. Under these conditions, the yield of vertical bifacial can be very good. On these days, VPV yield is about 450% higher than conventional installation.

December 13-18: Snow showers with some sunshine in between. Vertical solar installation gives a good yield, while conventional installation is quickly covered with snow and "lights out."


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