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Don’t Let Snow Conditions or your Latitude Stop your Solar Energy Ambitions

PV modules need to face the sun and be in direct sunlight to function optimally. Where the average exposure to the sun varies very little around equator, the further north or south you come, the solar conditions changes dramatically both during the day and season.

You have to find the best compromise between seasonal variations and solar optimum angel to position your solar PV-Modules. In addition to this, even a moderate snow fall stops the solar energy system completely. By using vertically mounted bifacial PV-Modules in pre-assembled unit, Over Easy Solar turn’s your latitude into an advantage!

 Solar system and snow loads
PV system and snow loads

Generating energy from both sides of the PV module, gives close to double the number of solar hours close to mid-summer. This compensates to a large extent for the high yield during peak hours for a conventional setup. Having the main production earlier in the morning and early evening compared to a very high peak at noon. You will also find a higher yield compared to a conventional east-west setup from early fall, through the winter and spring. And you will find that moderate snow conditions will increase production, not stop it. In areas with extreme snow conditions the Over Easy Solar units are unaffected by large snow falls since all snow loads go directly to the roof structure not the PV-Unit.


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